Milking The Cow Of Heaven

Sacred Technology

A “technology” is a constructed mechanism that makes something happen. This technology is a construction of knowledge into a portal in the soul, opening upon the Sacred. Out from this portal, visions, music, poems, and tales flow into the creative imagination. Into this portal the soul of the shaman and the mystic flows, towards direct experience of the Sacred. This is the gate to the Kingdom of Heaven, that lies within.

Using this one technique of sensory awakening, artists can trigger visions, musicians can hear beautiful music, poets can hear poems and stories, shamans can communicate with non-human entities of all sorts, and mystics can communicate with higher beings and enter epiphany, or direct experience of the Sacred.

All this comes from one technique, thousands of years old, whose seven steps have been encoded in different places and times as the Christian sacraments, the Hindu chakras, the levels of the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, the steps from lead to gold in alchemy, the Toltec Dream Gates, the principles of Hawaiian huna, the directions on the mystical Medicine Wheel of the Cherokee-Senecan people, and still more examples than have yet been counted.

Twenty different expressions of the ancient technique of sensory awakening, from many different lands and times, are described and closely compared in Dr. Miller’s book Milking the Cow of Heaven: The Technology of Sensory Awakening, available at the website. The book also details Dr. Miller’s personal experiences with this technique. Classes in sensory awakening offered at S.T.O.R.M. use this as a textbook.