Skywoman, Meditative Prayer Doll

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This one-of-a-kind, completely original meditative prayer doll is 4-1/2" x 3-3/4" and took 10 hours to make. It has 2 faces created by Dorothy Hoeschen and is completely hand-embroidered with seed beads. The back is undadorned soft felt.

Made with an intention of healing the earth, this flat lightly padded doll is perfect for holding between your palms during prayer.

The Story of Skywoman Falling
Paraphrased from Robin Wall Kimmerer's telling in "Braiding Sweetgrass"

She fell in a column of light streaming from a hole in the Skyworld, carrying her daughter within her and clutching a bundle tightly in her hand. Geese noting her fall flew beneath her and gently carried her down, but could not hold her above the water for long and called a Council to decide what to do next. A great turtle offered his back to her. Understanding that she needed land, deep divers offered to get some mud from the bottom of the water. It was so deep that all failed except muskrat, who at the expense of his own life, gathered some mud in his paw and floated to the surface with it. After spreading the mud on the back of the turtle Skywoman danced her gratitude, and the land grew and grew until the whole earth was formed, what we know today as Turtle Island. She scattered the fruits and seeds in her bundle and the world turned from brown to green, flourishing in the sunlight from the Skyworld.

It's turtles all the way down.


The backstory

In November, 2016, I traveled to the Seattle area to see my family. My sister Lola had a copy of "Braiding Sweetgrass," along with many other interesting books she was currently reading. I started reading it the first night I was there, and was entranced and moved by the language. I wanted a copy for myself. She hadn't started it yet and said that if I couldn't find one, she would give me hers. We later happened to be near the East West Bookstore, and the helpful sales man knew right where it was. So a copy was mine, and I've been savoring it in small bites ever since. Lola started reading it on a flight to Philadelphia and was moved to tears by the language and how far we've come from an intimate closeness with nature.

The story of Skywoman spoke to me immediately and I had a full-on vision of how my icon would look, and that I would dedicate my intention to the healing of the earth.