Sam and the Seaweed Maiden

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Sam and the Seaweed Maiden

This is another song that grew out of an extended narrative. This one was never written down as words, but played out entirely in instrumentals. Basically, Sam is a fisherman throwing his nets, early in the dawn on Kauai on the day he is to be married – when he snags a mermaid. She talks him into coming down to see her world, now she has come up to see his. That’s as far into the narrative as this song goes.

In later songs, she pulls him down deep to the city of mermaids, where he sees many wonders that seem like undersea cliffs and mountains one moment and castles and minarets the next. There she tries to give him food, and he realizes that if he eats he will not be able to return. Memories of his wife come back to him, and with much internal struggle he extricates himself from the mermaid’s grasp and swims home through angry seas.

Some day when I am satisfied with every note, I may publish these songs together as a song suite on a CD. I also may decide to write words for it all, and add those. So it is still a work in progress, waiting for final creative decisions to happen. I’ll get back to it some day. For now, at any rate, this piece is ready. Others will show up in these folders as their mix is completed.

The song titles for this song suite tell the story:

Sam and the Seaweed Maiden

Mermaids of the Storm

The One-Legged Fisherman’s Tale

Sam and the Seaweed Maiden

How the Seaweed Maiden Sparkled from the Depths

Her Voice of the Ocean Wild

Magic Conversation Flowers

Sam Remembers His Bride

The Song of the Seaweed Maiden

Sinking in Her Seaweed Embrace

The World of the Seaweed Maiden

Sam Swims the Wild Ocean to His Bride

Farewell to the Seaweed Maiden

The Maiden’s Lament

Aloha Oe