Desert Gallop

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Desert Gallop

This is another song from the Princess Penny song suite, which like the Sam and the Seaweed Maiden suite is still being perfected, but may appear on a double CD some day. Most of the songs for this suite are yet unwritten, but the sub-titles for each verse of the poem tell the story:

The Princess Penny
  1. The Princess Penny
  2. The Contest
  3. The Three Journeys
  4. Allies
  5. At the Court of King Gundabeest
  6. The Gift of the Snake
  7. Ron Finds Strange Companions
  8. The Three Friends
  9. Ron Enters the Underworld
  10. The Soulmate
  11. Border Crossing
  12. Home At Last

This particular song comes from the end of Verse3, and tells how the hero, exasperated at the edge of the desert because the earls and dukes he is competing against can cross the desert on horseback and he will have to walk, steals one of their best horses while they are drinking and bragging in their camp.

He swings onto the horse’s back and away they ride! The music is full of the horse’s hooves pounding on the sand and the rush of wind and speed as he leaves his aristocratic adversaries far behind.