Peggy Takes a Vacation

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Peggy Takes a Vacation

The circumstances of this composition were very strange. I have mentioned before that by the time I got to Hawaii in 2001 I was deeply immersed in a long-term love relationship with the Divine. As I began courting Peggy, she reclaimed some areas of my heart that had been turned over to the Sacred so unreservedly. A new balance had to be met, and by 2002 or so I thought we had met it.

But then Peggy went home to visit her family for a few weeks. On September 22, 2008, after she had been gone for a couple of days, the intense and mysterious Presence of the Divine grew stronger and stronger. I moved in and out of conversations with Her daily, and my grip on solid reality loosened as I tried to fit together the pieces of work, housekeeping and mystical experience into a coherent jigsaw puzzle. I live daily on the edge of this abyss, and I had come to rely on Peggy’s grounded presence to keep this other Presence in perspective.

By the time she came back home I was beginning to recover my balance, but I was more glad to see her than I could easily explain. The poem Peggy Takes a Vacation grew from this experience, and the music grew from the poem. I recorded it on Sept. 22, 2008.

Peggy Takes a Vacation

When I'm with you I'm clothed in light
Life is good, yeah I feel all right
We go places we shop for things
It feels like my feet grow magic wings

We walk through the park
We dance through the sky
We are the sky when it touches the earth
We are the earth as it flies.

But when I'm lonely the light goes cold
In my darkness the world is gone
Only then do I see the souls
Standing round me in silent dawn

Only then do I feel them near
When I'm lonely I know they're here
When you're gone and your light gets low
Dear, the Other World grows ...

In my soul I like simple things
Hold your hand while my sore heart sings
Floating Cherry past magic shores
With you beside me I ask no more

We swim the lagoon
We float in the night
We are the moon when it touches the sea
We are the sea full of light

When you get to the big city
Eat a nice juicy steak for me
Stroll the garden of earth's delights
Ride on the Ferris wheel and see the sights

That night at your parents' home
In the fire light's golden glow
Hold your dear mother's hand in yours
Tell her, "I love you"
Tell her I love you.

When you're here and its clear and bright
Darker moments will block the light
But in the darkness the memories bloom
(of) Far distant times spent close to you

There's no way to know
But somehow its so
Something about the way you kiss
Reminds me of long ago
Reminds me of long ago