Peggy in Paradise

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Peggy in Paradise

I moved to Hawaii from Southern California on July 4, 2001, continuing a move west that had begun eighteen and a half years earlier when I moved to California from the East Coast. Some time in that first year I wrote a poem glowing with the happiness of new love, called Peggy in Paradise.

Peggy in Paradise
Is it sitting in the sun makes you so nice?
Coconut milk makes you so sweet –
Like an ocean wave you swept me off my feet!

Peggy in Paradise
When you hold me in your arms it feels so nice –
Maybe roosters crow, maybe birds might sing,
But honey we can make the whole island ring!

Peggy in Paradise
I want this happy feeling for all my life –
To find you here beside me every day – it’s true –
I’m so happy you’re my honey baby – I love you!

It came to me with a simple little melody that I set in A. This melody turned out to make a great foundation for jamming, easy to make variations on and easy to return to for closure. I always get my Aces out, when I play musical solitaire with Peggy in Paradise.

Little did I know when I wrote it, that she was to be my wife! And yet you can tell from the last lines that the idea was already beginning to occur to me … The song was recorded on Sept. 21, 2008, but the picture is from our wedding day (Sept. 18, 2005), right after I sang her this song on stage. Everybody at the wedding party was clapping and cheering.