Lullaby o Hale Pilialoha

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Lullaby o Hale Pilialoha

Lullaby o Hale Pilialoha is a string trio written on the computer. I gave a rather long solo melody to each instrument in turn. How strange! And yet, it works. It is an example of what I mean when I say I’m not writing these things alone.

I remember I got the composition process that far as a sort of skeleton, expecting to produce a shimmer of oboes or a bass line or something to support the single melody in each case – probably a different background each time to add interest.

But then She said No, it is finished. Do not add more.

I was surprised, and referred to my plan as above. Again, She shook Her head. This is a lullaby, She explained, It needs to be very simple, like a children’s song. But this is not a simple melody that it is built around. You cannot add anything to that melody without making it quite complex. It needs, therefore, to be left just as it is.

And I answered, Yes, My Lady.