Everything's Fine Right Now

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Everything’s Fine Right Now

This one should probably go first, since I arranged it around 1984 from Mike Heron’s original in the first Incredible String band album (before they invented CDs, but you can get it on CD now). I have been playing it ever since. It’s a bouncy, cocky little warm-up song, easy to play and fun to listen to. I structured it kind of like the original song even though it is instrumental, by playing the voice melody on the guitar, then a through-composed thematic development, then the voice melody again. For performance I can put in jams between as many “verses” as I like – the original song has three verses.

Be that as it may, this straight-up performance (no jamming) is from February 1, 2011, and so that is where it has to go in the chronological line-up. Being clean and lively I have used this performance from among the countless plays I have give this chestnut since the 1980s. I have a rendition from August 7, 2008, but I think it is an inferior recording compared to the later one. At any rate, Everything’s Fine Right Now was already an old, old friend by the time I made my earliest recording of it in 2008.