Blue Hawaii

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Blue Hawaii

I arranged Blue Hawaii as an instrumental for solo guitar in 2003, as another big favorite with couples getting married on the beach in Hawaii. The words are so romantic! On September 14, 2008, I recorded my instrumental version of the song.

Blue Hawaii was written by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger for the 1937 picture Waikiki Wedding starring Bing Crosby, who also recorded the song in 1937, as the B-side of his Sweet Leilani single. Elvis Presley made it famous all over again in 1961, in his move Blue Hawaii.

It is a hoary relic of the 20th century recreation of Hawaii in Hollywood movies and romantic novels. But that’s not the melody’s fault, and it is still as pretty today as it was in 1937.

Blue Hawaii, by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger

Night and you
And blue Hawaii
The night is heavenly
And you are heaven to me

Lovely you
And blue Hawaii
With all this loveliness
There should be love

Come with me
While the moon is on the sea,
The night is young
And so are we, so are we

Dreams come true
In blue Hawaii
And mine could all come true
This magic night of nights with you

I like Hal Kinneman’s arrangement, but I don’t have the fingers for it, so I rearranged his arrangement back in 2003 to suit my hands, and had it ready to record by September of 2008.