About us

Matthew Miller and Peggy Kemp

Sacred Creative Arts is us! It exists to gift the world with the single sacred technology that underlies creative inspiration, shamanism and mysticism.

This technology opens a portal in the soul, upon the Sacred. Visions, music, poems, and stories flow out from this portal, into the creative imagination. The souls of shamans and mystics flow into this portal, towards direct experience of the Sacred. This is the Path to the Kingdom of Heaven, that lies within.

Doc Matt offers books on how to walk this path to awaken the senses. Doc Matt's Out-of-Body Book describes his wild romp through the paranormal over the last quarter century, with an angel at his side to keep things under control. When Psi Becomes Science shows that shamanic cultures with no historic relations at all nonetheless follow the same principles, suggesting that the basic operations of magic are innate to the human soul, not learned. Higher States of Consciousness teaches a series of specific techniques, which when used in combination produce the experiences described in the out-of-body book. Classes will be offered in "How to Write a Hawaiian Essay," using When Psi Becomes Science as a textbook -- and in "Higher States of Consciousness."

The beaded art dolls of Peggy Kemp, a new light on the art doll scene, are for sale here because Peggy sews a focused intention into every stitch. Customers can dial in their doll – they ask her for good luck dolls, healing dolls, awareness dolls, freedom dolls, focus dolls, strength dolls, presence dolls, and more. The doll arrives with that intention sewn into every stitch, and flows the intention through the portal into the heart of the doll's new owner, inspiring them.

Dr. Miller uses the Sacred Technology to channel music from the spirits in physical objects and events, playing what he hears and recording what he plays.The music he draws into our reality in this way is polyphonic, with several instruments taking a lead at the same time. It ranges from electric blues to soft, almost classical pieces, and all points in between, drawing on both live guitar work and computer-generated orchestral instruments.

Dolls imbued with a certain spirit, music channeled from other spirits, and books about how we can connect with the spirits safely and make beautiful things with their help -- that's Sacred Creative Arts, and that's us!