Training Center

The Sacred Creative Arts Training Center will soon offer an online class in "How to Awaken Your Senses," using Doc Matt's Higher States of Consciousness as a textbook.

These classes will be offered later:

  • "How to Write a Hawaiian Essay," using When Psi Becomes Science: Essays Across the Reality Border as a textbook. This makes a survey of Hawaiian oral masterpieces recorded in the 19th century Hawaiian-language newspapers, to reveal basic patterns of oral composition that the creative writer can use as tools.
  • "Practical Applications of Western Literature" A survey of Western Literature to reveal basic patterns of literary composition that the creative writer can use as tools.
  • "Improvisition" -- a process for over-dubbing multiple improvisations to produce a composition, without taking a lot of time or spending a lot of money. This class will be on two levels -- "Improvisition 1: Principles of Thematic Jamming" about actually improvising on an instrument (Doc Matt uses a flamenco guitar), and "Improvisition 2: Principles of Overdubbing" about mixing multiple tracks into a finished piece. Download free examples from the Music Store at this website.

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