FREE MUSIC! Solo Acoustic Guitar

Solo Acoustic Guitar

The first type of music generated by the 2008-2016 Playing with Fire project was Solo Acoustic Guitar. These are gentle, resonant solo guitar pieces, some composed and some improvised. The improvised sound evolved over the thirty years prior to the Playing with Fire project, as I practiced jamming as a form of single solitaire.

The rules are simple. I state a theme, develop the theme until I am in free flight, then return to the theme to end the piece. If I can’t find my way back to the original theme, it’s like I didn’t get all my Aces out – the game wins and I lose. I learned a lot about jamming on a theme, during the thirty plus years I have pursued this amusing hobby.

Before that, I was a classical guitarist, but in the early 1970s I injured my hand and had to give up playing classical guitar. I switched to blues, and learned how to jam. But my training in classical theme treatment led to my game of musical solitaire, and I practiced it as much as my hand permitted, until it became an art form. At its best this technique produces what could be classical pieces, but in a blues melodic idiom and a twelve-bar-blues harmonic framework.

These are student pieces from the Playing with Fire project (Christmas 2007 to Christmas, 2016). All the student pieces are crazy experiments. These are the experiments that worked. So if you hear one you like, go ahead and download it -- no charge!

Music I have written after 2016 uses what I learned in that 8-year schooling in composition, so I will sell that on CDs at $1 a song.