Peggy In Paradise

These dolls were created by quieting the mind and tapping into universal healing energy. With that focus, there is "a prayer in every stitch." Objects that are made with a specific intention retain the energy of that focus. Examples are: awareness, freedom, focus, presence, love, strength, healing, prosperity, well-being.

Peggy Kemp - Artist Statement

I have been Peggy in Paradise on Kauai since 1999. Before that I lived in the country and cities in Washington and California. After making embroidered and beaded dolls for 40 years, I studied shamanic healing with Serge Kahili King in Hawaii. After a 5-year hiatus to study hula, I came back to doll-making done in a more intentional way.

Everyone translates the Sacred through their own filters. Plants inspire me and I appreciate color and texture, and the contrast between simple shapes and elaborate ornamentation. Applying my hand-skills and color sense to a healing mission - the creation of art that effects healing and gives consolation - brings me great satisfaction.

I really do put "a prayer in every stitch."