FREE MUSIC! Gentle Guitar Polyphony

I improvise music by tuning into an object until I hear its song, and then playing what I hear, through the filter of my own classical-blues style. This collection holds compositions constructed by channeling a guitar track in this way, recording it, channeling another to go with the first one, recording that, and so on until I have as many voices as I want. My favorite guitar combo sound uses three guitar lines.

Pieces constructed this way can be anything from sweet-natured ditties to rowdy rockers. The improvisitions in this collection are gentle guitar polyphony. Listen to them in headphones or left and right speakers, to get the full polyphonic effect.

These are student pieces from the Playing with Fire project (Christmas 2007 to Christmas, 2016). All the student pieces are crazy experiments. These are the experiments that worked. So if you hear one you like, go ahead and download it -- no charge! Music I have written after 2016 uses what I learned in that 8-year schooling in composition, so I will sell that on CDs at $1 a song.