FREE MUSIC! Orchestral and Polyphonic Rock

This Collection contains pieces that are either multiple electric guitars, chamber music, orchestral music or chamber music backup with live electric guitars laid over it. These are the large pieces.

It's hard to say if this is rock and roll with a college education, or classical music on a drunk, but it's probably both at once at least some of the time. It's a new music, maybe a new language, rising up like a morning mist from the sandy beaches and the green jungle hillsides of Kauai. Listen to it in headphones for the full effect!

These are student pieces from the Playing with Fire project (Christmas 2007 to Christmas, 2016). All the student pieces are crazy experiments. These are the experiments that worked. So if you hear one you like, go ahead and download it -- no charge! Music I have written after 2016 uses what I learned in that 8-year schooling in composition, so I will sell that on CDs at $1 a song.