Book Store

There is only one book in the bookstore so far, Milking the Cow of Heaven, and I am going to take that one out of print very soon. Why? It is over 600 pages long -- I have divided it and expanded it into five books, three of which are presently complete and seeking publication. When any one of those becomes available, Milking the Cow of Heaven will go out of print.

But soon this bookstore will carry all my books (except Milking the Cow of Heaven) and all the books I reference in my footnotes. If seeking a publisher takes too long, I will make them available by self-publishing. 

At this site you will eventually find:

Doc Matt's Out-of-Body Book

A thrilling ride through the paranormal experiences unleashed by my spiritual Practice over the last quarter of a century! Also contains the story of my love affair with and eventual spiritual marriage to the Higher Spirit who taught me how to trigger these experiences. 

Very few footnotes here -- these are raw experiences, each one written down immediately after it happened.

When Psi Becomes Science

A scholarly work comparing several shamanic cultures with European Spiritualism and medieval peasant magic, and finding that they all work according to the same basic principles. These principles are elevated to a science -- "psi science" -- and applied to the interpretation of medieval, Renaissance and early Modern European history with startling results.

Lots of footnotes here means eventually lots of books offered in this bookstore.

Higher States of Consciousness

A how-to manual explaining exactly how I trigger paranormal experiences, using the techniques I was taught by an angel (see Doc Matt's Out-of-Body Book). Each Chapter teaches a specific technique, and ends with an Experiment readers can perform, to try the technique out for themselves. The full-on Practice that takes me right out of my body combines these techniques.

This book will be associated with a class offered at this website. Again, there are lots of footnotes, and each book referenced in a footnote will be offered here for sale eventually.

Over the next few years ...

I have partly written two more books as of May 2018, and will complete and publish them if I live that long. One is A Brief History of Spirit Contacts in Europe, and the other describes a way of building the Earthly Paradise around ourselves, called Deep Magic: The First Environmental Science.