FREE Music!!!

FREE Music!!!

Hi guys!

Check out Doc Matt's FREE MUSIC at!!!

What kind of music is it? Polyphonic blues! The live instrument is guitar. By overdubbing improvised lines, I combine the guitar licks and 12-bar chord progression of the blues, with the layered melodic textures of Baroque music.

Pieces range from solid rockers through mellow electric and acoustic guitar polyphony, to solo acoustic guitar work, and beyond that into chamber music, orchestral pieces and live electric guitars laid over a foundation of orchestral cyber-instruments.

Where does this music come from? While I was in composition training, in the Playing with Fire project from 2008 to the end of 2016, I composed over 300 pieces of music. Every one of them was another crazy experiment. I tried all sorts of strategies "to see if it would work." Around a hundred of those experiments worked well enough to share with you. 

Why is it free? Since they are composed through overdubbing improvisations, I can't perform them on stage: they happen once, and that's all. But I want to share them!

So I have put forty of these top-drawer student compositions up at my website NO CHARGE. Listen to them for nothing, and download them for free. Take the lot, if you like them. These were my lucky pieces -- you can share my good luck. 

Will all the Doc Matt music be free? Soon other music I have written since my graduation (Christmas, 2016) will be available on CDs for $1 a song, at this website. These use what I learned from the crazy experiments that worked, as tools to craft solid, professional music.

Start enjoying the FREE music at today!


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