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Job's complaining, in the first Reading for Episcopal Proper 23, Job 23:1-9, 16-17, serves a theological purpose. He is trying to repudiate his role as Apprentice Angel because it seems to him his burden is too heavy. God does not answer his plea, and he is ashamed. It is humility that opens the gate to the Kingdom of Heaven, not pride. 

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On Oct 7, 2018, the texts of the Episcopal church service concern the honor and sanctity of marriage. Asked His counsel on divorce, Jesus quotes the Old Testament to point out that what God has joined in one, no-one should put asunder. The joining is accomplished by the spouses' promise to act as Guardian Angels for one another. Love Stories from many lands and times agree with Jesus that unconditional love is fed by Guardian Angel behavior.

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On September 30, 2018, the texts assigned in the Episcopal liturgy (Proper 21) describe an Apprentice Angel Program, with God the leader of the Guardian Angels, and ourselves plainly marked as Apprentices learning Guardian Angel behavior from those Angels led by God. We explore this idea and find a parallel in Norse folklore.

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