Peggy Kemp and Doc Matt (with Catherine)

You Have Always Been a Magic Being

All human beings are born with an innate power to bring about “paranormal” experiences, such as telepathic contact, remote viewing, out-of-body experiences, rapid healing, pain control, and ecstatic fusion with the Divine. Alas, we raise our children in such a way that they forget these things.

But you knew once. Sacred Creative Arts exists to remind you of this innate human wisdom, so that you can come into your full power – perhaps for the first time since you were a little child.

The Self-Editing Mechanism

Most people live their lives with their senses partly asleep. The reason is that our senses have become encrusted with toxins. These toxins block out some of the input we receive from the outside world. Toxins edit out the fairies, the angels, the tugboats that talk, the three bears and the magic swords, the numinous encounters with the Sacred. This editing-out is usually encouraged or even enforced by parents and teachers.

This relegates a certain class of perceptions to the category “paranormal.” In this way, we actually erase a considerable part of human perception in our children, by the way we raise them and educate them.

Awakening the Senses

Using the Sacred Technology regularly will cleanse the encrustations of toxins from your senses, so that you can talk to spirits, view events far away, and journey out of your body, as well as having clairvoyant moments and lucid dreams. It provides creative inspiration, and empowers faster healing, slower aging, and less pain.

We call it “energy” because we can use it to make things happen. Shamanic journeying, healing and pain control, communication with angels, and fusion with the Sacred in ecstasy are all empowered if you know how to use the energy. Creative artists can direct the energy through their creative medium to produce beyond their own capacity and skills. Dancers direct the energy through their bodies to give inspired performances. Martial artists do the same thing to win fights.

It is all done by drawing on the same “energy,” and using it to make things happen. Sacred Creative Arts exists to teach you how.